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Dermatological Emergencies (2019)

2019 | ISBN: 0815378076 | English | 638 Pages | PDF | 24 MB

‘Dermatological Emergencies’ aims to cover aspects of situations and their management when they present in a Dermatology setup. This includes severe drug reactions, bullous disorders, erythroderma, infections, vasculitis and systemic emergencies presenting with skin signs. This book guides the reader to recognize such emergencies, helps to approach the initial phase of management, identifies the investigations, thus leading to a holistic management of the scene. Case scenarios are used in all chapters with logical flow of text, flowcharts, algorithms and representative clinical and laboratory images for better understanding of the readers.

Key Features

Details all dermatological emergencies
Discusses manifestation of these emergencies with unique algorithms and flowcharts
Examines case scenarios for first-hand experience
Consists of Do’s and Don’ts for effective management of cases
Uses high quality clinical images for clarity