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Companion to Women’s and Gender Studies (2020)

English | ISBN: 1119315085 | 2020 | 520 Pages | PDF | 2 MB

A comprehensive overview of the interdisciplinary field of Women’s and Gender Studies, featuring original contributions from leading experts from around the world
The Companion to Women’s and Gender Studies is a comprehensive resource for students and scholars alike, exploring the central concepts, theories, themes, debates, and events in this dynamic field. Contributions from leading scholars and researchers cover a wide range of topics while providing diverse international, postcolonial, intersectional, and interdisciplinary insights. In-depth yet accessible chapters discuss the social construction and reproduction of gender and inequalities in various cultural, social-economic, and political contexts.
Thematically-organized chapters explore the development of Women’s and Gender Studies as an academic discipline, changes in the field, research directions, and significant scholarship in specific, interrelated disciplines such as science, health, psychology, and economics. Original essays offer fresh perspectives on the mechanisms by which gender intersects with other systems of power and privilege, the relation of androcentric approaches to science and gender bias in research, how feminist activists use media to challenge misrepresentations and inequalities, disparity between men and women in the labor market, how social movements continue to change Women’s and Gender Studies, and more. Filling a significant gap in contemporary literature in the field, this volume:
Features a broad interdisciplinary and international range of essays
Engages with both individual and collective approaches to agency and resistance
Addresses topics of intense current interest and debate such as transgender movements, gender-based violence, and gender discrimination policy
Includes an overview of shifts in naming, theoretical approaches, and central topics in contemporary Women’s and Gender Studies
Companion to Women’s and Gender Studies is an ideal text for instructors teaching courses in gender, sexuality, and feminist studies, or related disciplines such as psychology, history, education, political science, sociology, and cultural studies, as well as practitioners and policy makers working on issues related to gender and sexuality.