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Histopathology Reporting (2013)

English | 2013 | ISBN: 1852331852 | PDF | 485 Pages | 4.5 mb

Histopathology Reporting: Guidelines for Surgical Cancer provides an easily comprehensible and practicable framework for standardised histopathology reports in surgical cancer. The book details the gross description, histological classification, tumour differentiation, extent of local tumour spread, involvement of lymphovascular channels, lymph nodes and excision margins of the common carcinomas and also summarises non-carcinomatous malignancies. The 5th edition TNM classification of cancers is incorporated, with comments on any associated pathology, diagnostic clues and prognostic criteria. Staging information is supplemented visually by line diagrams. The aim of Histopathology Reporting: Guidelines for Surgical Cancer is to be educative and applied. The book: * emphasises those gross and histological features that are relevant to clinical management and prognosis. * uses a systematic and analytical approach to the description of surgical pathology specimens resulting in focused histopathology reports. * acts as a companion or aide-memoire for routine reporting of the common cancers and also lists diagnostic options and summary features of rarer cancers. * facilitates audit of specimen type and quality and gives guidance for pathological, surgical and oncological practice. Derek Allen is Honorary Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Histopathology and Cytology at the Belfast City Hospital, Belfast, UK