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Nonlinear Dynamics in Polymeric Systems (2004)

English | 2004 | 357 Pages | ISBN: 0841238502 | PDF | 41.5 MB

Despite the great strides in nonlinear dynamics over the past 40 years, applying nonlinear dynamics to polymeric systems has not received much attention. This book addresses this absence by covering present theory, modeling, and experiments of nonlinear dynamics in polymeric systems. Oscillating chemical reactions, propagating fronts, far-from equilibrium pattern formation, Turing structures, and chaos are but some of the exotic phenomena discussed in this book.
The book is divided into six sections. The first section introduces nonlinear dynamics and shows how polymeric systems exhibit comparable phenomena. The second section addresses phenomena in gels in which mechanical effects can be important. Coupling gels and chemistry allow some new phenomena and potentially useful devices. The third section reviews frontal polymerization and includes chapters on new chemistry and new modeling. The fourth section focuses on interfacial systems, including polymer-like surfactant systems, laser excited systems, and dewetting phenomena. Phase separation is discussed in the fifth section. Finally, oscillating reactions-the prototypical nonlinear chemical dynamical systems-close the book.