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Electroactive Polymers for Corrosion Control (2003)

English | 2003 | 295 Pages | ISBN: 0841237905 | PDF | 29.7 MB

Electroactive Polymers for Corrosion Control is designed to help chemists and engineers prevent corrosion of metals. This book discusses electroactive polymers, electrically conductive polymers, and mechanisms of corrosion protection (passivation of metals).
Professor Alan MacDiarmid, 2000 Nobel Laureate, presents a brief review of the history of electroactive materials with a general understanding of the synthesis of electroactive materials and corrosion in aqueous environments.
Several authors explain the phenomena of corrosion and propose mechanisms by which electroactive polymers inhibit corrosion. Several studies include current state-of-the-art synthesis of electroactive polymers, and data supporting the prevention of corrosion in various media are discussed. In addition, new techniques for measuring the onset of corrosion are presented.
Chapters in this volume represent a broad range of new electroactive materials used in corrosion prevention and techniques used to measure corrosion. Both materials scientists and engineers will find this book useful for understanding and preventing corrosion. Alternatives to traditional barrier coatings used to prevent or retard corrosion are also discussed. Although previously published books have focused on organic and inorganic barrier coatings to prevent corrosion, this book focuses exclusively on electroactive polymers and their performance in retarding corrosion. Electroactive polymers represent a new, environmentally friendly approach to corrosion prevention.