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Defense Applications of Nanomaterials (2005)

English | 2005 | 354 Pages | ISBN: 0841238065 | PDF | 41.3 MB

Defense Applications of Nanomaterials highlights recent accomplishments in nanostructured materials and their applications to critical technologies for national defense. The contributions examine the unique chemical and physical aspects of nanostructured materials and discuss the latest fundamental and applied research in this area. Special emphasis was given to the necessary directions for the development of high performance nanomaterials critical to future defense technologies, including sensors, data storage, information transfer, structural materials, and energetics. The chapters reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of this research, including contributions from chemists, materials scientists, physicists, chemical engineers, and processing specialists. Perspectives from both the scientists working on the basic issues surrounding pushing back the frontiers of nanomaterials, as well as those working on applied problems associated with bringing to fruition the promise of nanomaterials for defense applications, create a unique contribution to this rapidly changing field.