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Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting: Materials, Processes and Architectures (2013)

English | 2013 | ISBN: 1849736472 | PDF | 496 Pages | 20.5 mb

A volume that will provide a comprehensive overview of current activity in the field of photoelectrochemistry that is contributing increasingly to the development of novel strategies, materials and processes that can be used for the production of solar fuels. Topics covered will include: aspects of photoelectrochemical water splitting; combinatorial approach to materials discovery for water splitting; mesoporous transition metal oxides for water splitting; tandem photoelectrochemical cells for water splitting; nano-architectures for solar water splitting devices; microheterogeneous photocatalysts for water splitting; efficient III-V architectures for H2O splitting; the III-V nitride family; coupled electron proton transfer; computational insights into O2-evolving complex of PSII; hydrogen evolution; surface analysis of molecular adsorbates on oxides; interfacial kinetics; surface analysis of catalysts and absorbers; biomimetic systems and catalysts; multi-electron transfer; molecular catalysts for solar fuels; third generation devices; plasmonics; energy transfer; and future development horizons.