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Halogens and Noble Gases (2010)

English | 2010 | 192 Pages | ISBN: 0816073686 , 1438131380 | PDF | 14,4 MB

From School Library Journal
Gr 9 Up-Beginning with an overview of chemistry and physics, this volume is arranged into two sections: halogens and noble gases. Each one begins with an introduction to its family and is followed by chapters devoted to a single element or pairs of elements. The chapters focused on elements feature a chart highlighting key information: symbol, atomic number, melting and boiling point, etc. A description of the element follows and includes its discovery, naming, and role in history.

Information on key scientists is also included, when appropriate. An explanation of the chemistry of the element is provided, and each chapter concludes with an accounting of its specific technology and current uses, as well as the benefits and challenges it poses to society. Possible future uses and adaptations are also presented. Color illustrations and sidebars that clarify fundamental concepts appear throughout. The text concludes with a table of units and conversions, a list of acronyms, a periodic table of the elements, and a chronology of key events from 1731 to 2009. The writing and explanations are clear and would be appropriate for generalists as well as chemistry students.