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Ether space-time and cosmology (2009)

English | 2009 | 471 Pages | ISBN: 0973291184 | PDF | 4.3 MB

The “Ether space-time & cosmology” program comprises several volumes designed to inform the physics community about the resurgence of ether in modern science. Research in the past 20 years has confirmed the existence of physical properties in space, even where it is devoid of ordinary matter. In addition to the well-known properties of permittivity, permeability and ability to transmit electromagnetic waves, other features have been discovered more recently. These include the Casimir Effect and a significant amount of energy. The necessity of ether is not questioned today even by those who pretend to do so but do not hesitate to attribute qualities to the vacuum. Ether theory plays a creative role, even if given different names: (vacuum, fundamental plenum or cosmic substratum).
Ether space-time & cosmology is a development of the Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory conferences, which began in 1988 in London and are now held in London, Moscow, Calcutta and Budapest