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The Meaning of Relativity, 5th Edition (2014)

English | ISBN: 0691164088 | 2014 | EPUB | 200 Pages | 5 MB

In 1921, five years after the appearance of his comprehensive paper on general relativity and twelve years before he left Europe permanently to join the Institute for Advanced Study, Albert Einstein visited Princeton University, where he delivered the Stafford Little Lectures for that year. These four lectures constituted an overview of his then-controversial theory of relativity. Princeton University Press made the lectures available under the title The Meaning of Relativity, the first book by Einstein to be produced by an American publisher. As subsequent editions were brought out by the Press, Einstein included new material amplifying the theory. A revised version of the appendix “Relativistic Theory of the Non-Symmetric Field,” added to the posthumous edition of 1956, was Einstein’s last scientific paper.