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Diamond: A Paradox Logic (Knots and Everything) (1997)

ISBN: 9810228503 | 272 Pages | PDF | January 4, 1997 | English | 6.77 MB

This book is about “diamond”, a logic of paradox. In diamond, a statement can be true yet false; an “imaginary” state, midway between being and non-being. Diamond’s imaginary values solve many logical paradoxes unsolvable in two-valued boolean logic. Diamond is a new way to solve the dilemmas of higher mathematics. In this volume, paradoxes by Russell, Cantor, Berry and Zeno are all resolved. This book consists of two sections: Elementary; which covers the classic paradoxes of mathematical logic and shows how they can be resolved in this new system; and Advanced, which relates diamond to Boolean logic, three-valued logic, G?delian meta-mathematics and dilemma games.