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The Universe Green Door (2017)

English | November 26, 2017 | ISBN: 1973390043 | 106 Pages | EPUB | 1.28 MB

The universe within which we exist – from where and why did all this come about? Whose hand or will created it, by whose written or unwritten laws it is evolving? For what purpose do we exist in this world? What further fate awaits it? Probably, each person thought about these questions at least once in his life. During the course of our lives, the acuteness of these issues, against the backdrop of everyday routine, either weakens, or we get content with intermediate, incomplete pictures of the universe. In particular, most of us, at a certain stage in life, take the side of a scientific, or a religious view of the world. The scientific worldview is based upon (although it is not a universal rule) a belief in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, and, in many cases, atheism. Religious worldview, in turn, often stops at faith in the creation of our world by God – while avoiding further consideration of all the circumstances of the creation of the universe, in particular, the apparent imperfection of the material world. For example, Gautama Buddha is credited with saying that questions about the origin of our world are idle. Christianity also, in its turn, contains almost no information about the circumstances of our world creation. Further progress in understanding the universe is impossible without the synthesis of scientific and religious approaches. Scientific knowledge can be supplemented and enriched by an open recognition of the fundamental role of consciousness in the universe. Religion, in turn, by its nature does not necessarily intersect with scientific knowledge, but the expanded perspective, supplemented by science, on our world is an undoubted plus for mystically thinking people. Ultimately, the Truth about our world is common to all of us. The author hopes that the original hypotheses presented in this book about the nature of space and time, the driving force of evolution, the role of consciousness and platonic ideas in the formation of the world, will open up a new perspective for the reader to the key questions of the universe.