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Number Pyramid (2019)

English | June 6, 2019 | ISBN: 107251205X | 187 Pages | PDF | 7.91 MB

Attention parents: The focus of this LOGITICA book is to learn to solve NUMB

The book is designed to teach Simple Equations in an engaging and unique way. The chapters listed below are arranged to aid learning so that kids can learn to solve a variety of pyramid problems using a step-by-step approach:
Chapter-1 Number Pyramid
Chapter-2 Simple Equation
Chapter-3 Solving a Simple Pyramid
Chapter-4 More NumberPyramids
Chapter-5 Formulas for Solving Pyramid Problems
(A) More on 4-Row Pyramid
(B) More on 5-Row Pyramid
(C) Formula for 6-Row Pyramid
(D) Formula for The Higher Number of Rows