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Magic Power of Emotional Appeal (1980)

English | 1980 | ISBN 0135452449 | 260 Pages | scan PDF | 15,8 MB

Little known secret of sales professionals. Awesome book! This hard-to-find book is a little known secret of hard-core sales professionals. Most guard their worn copies with their lives.

Chapters include:
1) Emotional Appeal – the ecret of successful human relationships
2) Emotional Appeal technique – the one common denominator for all
3) The fatal four emotional appeals that make people want to listen
4) How to use self-preservation as an emotional appeal
5) Money as an emotional appeal in our relationships with others
6)Applying romance emotional appeal to our dealings with people
7) Using recognition emotional appeal to achieve personal success
8) How emotional appeal techniques rapidly rids you of fear, worries, and upsets
9) Command situations with power-packed emotional appeal questions and attitudes
10)Win arguements and settle disputes with emotional appeal technique
11) Emotional appeal will make others remember, respect and like you
13)Profit by bringing emotional appeal into your job or business
14) Enjoy extra benefits by adding emotional appeal to your voice
15)Better your personality and persuasion by increasing your emotional appeal

If you can find a copy of this book, buy it! You will get a lot of personal insight on dealing with people from it. It is a classic in the self-improvement genre.



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