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Fundamentals of Biochemistry(2004)

English | 2004 | ISBN: 8121924537 | 1264 Pages | PDF | 21,4 MB

Important Changes in this Present Edition:
1. Addition of a new chapter entitled, ‘Genetic Code’.
2. Addition of an exhaustive and explanatory Glossary, with about 1700 words along with etymology of most of the technical terms.
3. Addition of Problems at the end of each chapter, along with their Answers placed Cumulatively at the end.
4. Addition of a new appendix, ‘The Noble Prizes’ highlighting the history and importance of the world’s most venerated awards.
Salient Features of the Book:
1. Multicolour scheme followed throughout the book
2. Thoroughly revised, enlarged and updated edition
3. A more appealing’ presentation scheme.
Book Contents –
Prefatory-Introduction l Water: The Solvent of Life, lpH and Buffers l The Atom and Chemical Bonds Part II: Bio-Molecules – Carbohydrates-General Structure of Monosaccharides l Carbohydrates-Properties of Monosaccharides lCarbohydrates – Oligosaccharides l Carbohydrates – Polysaccharides l Proteins – General Structure l Proteins – Classification l Proteins – General Properties l Lipids -General Structure l Lipids -Classification l Lipids – Properties of Fats and Oils l Nucleic Acids l Enzymes-Nomenclature and Classification l Enzymes-Characteristics and Three dimensional Structure
l Enzynies-Mechanism of Enzyme Action l Part III: Bio-energetics and Metabolism l Metabolic Concepts l Bioenergetics l Glycolysis l Pyruvate Oxidation and Citric Acid Cycle l Electron Transport and Oxidative Phosphorlyation l Lipid Metabolism-Oxidation of Fatty Acids l Lipid Metabolism-Biosynthesis of Lipids
l Amino Acid Metabolism-Oxidation of Amino Acids l Amino Acid Metabolism-Biosynthesis of Amino Acids l Protein Metabolism-Biosynthesis of Proteins
l Protein Metabolism-Protein Targeting and Degradation Part IV: Hormone Biochemistry l Hormones-Animal Hormones l Hormones Plant Hormones
l Part V: Nuthtion Biochemistry l Vitamins-Fat-Soluble Vitamins l Vitamins -Water Soluble Vitamins l Part VI: Analytical Biochemistry l Biochemical Techniques