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Definite Integration for IIT JEE and Cbse

English | January 27, 2019 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B07N6FHNFH | 95 Pages | PDF | 2.39 MB

Math book II Definite Integration by BeeUs is a concept made forstudents to prepare the chapters in a short time. Usually, most students have no time to prepare their subject or a particular chapter, hence they need some short way to study in less time and more effectively. Therefore we published this new book series for those students who are preparing for JEE main and CBSE. Theories, Examples, and Exercises that are included in this book are from best sources. Students can opt for this book for effective learning.
solution book is provided along with this book absolutely for free, but we recommend students to use the solution book as less as you can because solving a problem by yourself is the best way to achieve victory over that problem. Making mistakes are not wrong because mistakes give us a lesson not to repeat that mistake again.