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British English Phonetic Transcription

British English Phonetic Transcription

By: Paul Carley, Inger M. Mees

British English Phonetic Transcription provides an accessible introduction to phonemic, phonetic and intonational transcription with a focus on British English. Featuring exercises, revision tasks and recordings to help students gain hands-on practice, the book takes a learning-by-doing approach and ensures students gain practice using each new symbol or concept introduced before moving on to the next. Consisting of three parts, the book covers:


.transcribing individual words, including consonants, vowels, primary stress, secondary stress, syllabic consonants and inflections;


     . transcribing phrases and sentences, including liaison, weak forms, elision and assimilation;


     . transcribing intonation, including the structure of English intonation and recognising pitch patterns.


Ideally suited as a standalone workbook or for use alongside American English Phonetic TranscriptionBritish English Phonetic Transcription is key reading for undergraduate students of linguistics as well as anyone teaching or learning English as a foreign language.