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Academic English Grammar: For Intermediate and Advanced Learners

Academic English Grammar: For Intermediate and Advanced Learners

Ahmad Sharifzadeh is a trilingual lecturer, author, translator, and editor.
He has taught at a dozen universities, lecturing different courses and workshops. In addition, he held online courses for students from different universities and is producing audio-visual podcasts for international students. He has published two other books (How to write academic research papers (Volume 1): What should a researcher know and do before writing a research paper? & How to Write Academic Research Papers (Volume 2): Drafting, Revising, and Editing the Manuscript) in English by Amazon. In addition to tutoring preparation courses for SAT, YDS, TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS as well as Ph.D. and MA entrance exams, he works as the editor of academic texts including research papers, theses, and books.

This book is intentionally written so as to be the middle ground of Chomsky’s syntactic structure which is more abstract for learners to understand and traditional books of grammar which do not focus on syntactic structures at all. The motive to write such a book was derived from years of teaching experience to university students from different majors at different proficiency levels. For a while, I also had a chance to teach a number of high school students who were preparing themselves to take university entrance exams. Having read books and attended courses prepared based on traditional grammar books, students could not make the most of their previous learning to comprehending and producing the English language. After figuring out the common hurdles facing university students, and comparing them with more or less the same difficulties of high school students, I decided to write up a book, less pure than that of Chomsky and more syntax-oriented than most traditional grammar books available at bookstores.