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Perfect English Grammar: The Most Notorious Mistakes

Perfect English Grammar: The Most Notorious Mistakes

by Rithwik Sudharsan

Many aspects of learning a new language can be very daunting, needing lots of hard work and planning. This book examines and explains a simple yet extremely rewarding area of focus, and that is fixing incorrect phrases and negative grammar habits, one by one. In my travels, I have noticed that various non-native English speakers marvel at the pace with which I, a native speaker, can converse. In my point of view, their mistakes were painfully less trivial than they seemed to think. This prompted me to work on a guide that would make natural speaking for any non-native learned of the English language no longer anywhere near impossible – not through long dreary textbooks but with quick pointers with clarifying examples. I have “analyzed the audience” by reviewing several job applications and exam essays written in English by those who consider English a secondary or tertiary language in order to more carefully focus on the most “notorious” mistakes. From the perspective of someone that sees the potential for next to effortless change in those that lack the knowledge of English but most definitely not the passion to learn, I hope this book will solve some challenges for any English language learner that reads it.
This book contains:
– Careful reasoning explaining why learning English is so important.
– A review of all English concepts that are necessary to understand the book.
– A one-by-one review of the most common yet easiest to fix mistakes, followed by examples of each.
– A holistic review of many of those mistakes via real job applications and exam papers written by non-native English learners.
I encourage anyone reading this to recommend this book to their friends and family that might be interested – it is here purely for the free distribution of knowledge and experience.