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Writing by Choice 2nd Edition

Writing by Choice 2nd Edition

by Eric Henderson

Writing by Choice is a comprehensive, detailed, and widely applicable approach to developing skills in writing in the academic, business, and personal realms. Author Eric Henderson understands the challenges inherent in communicating clearly, thoughtfully, and effectively. He also believes
that while essential, guidelines and rules should enhance, rather than hamper, thought and expression. At the heart Writing by Choice, then, is focused on helping student writers make informed choices among the many variables that present themselves in different types of writing. A host of
individual and collaborative exercises encourage students to engage with the acts of reading and writing and appreciate their interconnectedness, while sample readings and essays highlight key concepts in a tangible, useable format.

This new edition of Writing by Choice continues to focus on the three common types of student essays (expository, argumentative, literary) and increases its coverage of topics relevant to today’s classroom, such as electronic research, source reliability, diction and vocabulary, and writing across
the disciplines. Once again Writing by Choice is a definitive volume for giving students the tools they need to rise to every writing occasion.