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Metaphor and Thought

Metaphor and Thought

Edited by: Andrew Ortony

Metaphor and Thought, first published in 1979, reflects the surge of interest in and research into the nature and function of metaphor in language and thought. In this revised and expanded second edition, the editor has invited the contributors to update their original essays to reflect any changes in their thinking. Reorganised to accommodate the shifts in central theoretical issues, the volume also includes six new chapters that present important and influential fresh ideas about metaphor that have appeared in such fields as the philosophy of language and the philosophy of science, linguistics, cognitive and clinical psychology, education and artificial intelligence.

The second edition has been revised and expanded to reflect changes in the field
Includes six additional chapters presenting new and influential ideas about metaphor
Discusses problems ranging from the definition of metaphor to its role in language acquisition, learning, scientific thinking, and the creation of social policy