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Dictionary eBooks

eBooks List:
Dictionary of Accounting, S.M.H.Collin, 2007
Dictionary of agriculture, 2006
Dictionary of Aviation, David Crocker, 2007
Dictionary of banking and finance, 2005
Dictionary of business, P.H.Collin, 2005
Dictionary of computing, S.M.H.Collin, 2004
Dictionary of economics, P.H.Collin, 2006
Dictionary of food science and nutrition, 2006
Dictionary of Leisure, Travel and Tourism, P.H.Collin, 2006
Dictionary of Marketing, P.H.Collin, 2003
Dictionary of media studies, 2006
Dictionary of medical terms, 2007
Dictionary of Military Terms, Richard Bowyer, 2007
Dictionary of nursing, 2007
Dictionary of Politics and Government, P.H.Collin, 2004
Dictionary of Sports Science, 2006
Easier English Basic Dictionary, P.H.Collin, 2004
Easier English Student Dictionary, P.H.Collin, 2003
Easier English-Intermediate Dictionary, 2004




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