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All About Romans (2015)

All About Romans

English | 2015 | ISBN: N/A | 48 Pages | PDF | 44 MB

We all know about their roads and aqueducts, but there is so much more to the Romans than their practical transport solutions. We’ve put together this action-packed digital edition to bring you the history of Ancient Rome without the boring bits, from murderous emperors to slave rebellions.The underworld of Ancient Rome. We reveal the darker side of this mighty ancient empire
How to become a Roman consul. Work your way up the ladder in six morally-questionable steps
Caesar: The rise to power. How one general became the most infamous Roman ever
Day in the life of a chariot racer. Find out how these death-defying sportsmen lived
10 most despicable Romans. A line-up of Rome’s most depraved and evil characters
Hannibal’s attack on the empire. How his army of archers and war elephants ruined Rome
Boudica’s rebellion against Rome. Discover the truth behind Britain’s warrior queen
What if the Roman Empire never fell? Might there have been trains before the Renaissance?