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Critical Mass (2004)

Critical Mass

English | ISBN: 0975985302 | 2004 | 380 Pages | EPUB | 371 KB

What Carter Hydrick discovered and has written in Critical Mass provides compelling proof, according to powerful documentary evidence housed in the United States National Archives, of the Nazi surrender of enriched uranium and other atomic bomb components to the United States, which were then used in the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is evidence that profoundly changes the traditional history claiming the United States alone created the first atomic bombs. Read and discover…
Why?a quarter of the present and former employees of Oak Ridge National Laboratory who viewed Carter Hydrick?s presentation of Critical Mass purchased the book.
Why? retired director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory?s Weapons Program Office, Dr. Delmar Bergen, endorses Critical Mass, saying it “certainly leads the experienced physicist to believe.”
Why? Texas A&M University professor of World War Two science Dr. Anthony Stranges, who had defended the traditional history of the atomic bomb against Critical Mass in two television news broadcasts, after reviewing Carter Hydrick?s documentation and reading the book, reversed his position and now endorses Critical Mass.
Why? distinguished professor emeritus of history Dr. Douglas Tobler recommends that scholars and laymen interested in modern history read Critical Mass, calling it, “well-researched, well-reasoned, well-written.”
Why…quasi-experts of the traditional history of the Manhattan Project are using poor scholarship and mischaracterization of the evidence presented in Critical Mass, in an effort to conserve the entrenched but incorrect history of the making of the first atomic bombs-and how these events profoundly changed the world in which we live. Read Critical Mass for yourself and decide where the truth lies!