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Supercities On, Under, and Beyond the Earth (2020)

Supercities On, Under, and Beyond the Earth

Rowman & Littlefield | English | 2020 | ISBN-10: 1538126710 | 296 Pages | PDF | 2.22 MB

by Jeff Dondero (Author)

As more and more people inhabit the Earth and live longer on it, Super Cities will explode with populations of 20, 30, even 100 millions or more. But how will these cities accommodate such masses? Who will build them and where? How can they be sustained and their inhabitants provided for?

Here, Jeff Dondero imagines the super cities of the future and explores the ways in which they can be sustainably built, how transportation will move masses of people without cars, how people will be fed and where waste will go, and how we will move to cities underground, under the sea, in the atmosphere, into space and on to other planets. It describes some of the smart systems for buildings and homes and some of the new ways food and materials enough for such masses will be supplied.

Will super cities be the answer to our bursting population? And if they will, how can we best sustain and supply them? Dondero offers suggestions and a blueprint for the future.

This book is a non-technical yet provocative exploration of possibilities for future cities using resources more creatively and efficiently. – Robin King, Director, Knowledge Capture and Collaboration, World Resources Institute Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Dondero’s Supercities is an in-depth look at an engineering concept that draws ever closer to being fulfilled by humanity’s great leaps in technological prowess and its simple need for healthy spaces to thrive in. Supercities will be a foundational text for lay readers interested in acquiring a solid overall view of where urban life may soon thrive. – Patrick Totty, Owner, Larkspirit Editorial Services

About the Author
Jeff Dondero has diverse experience in writing, ranging from web content, B2B, books, hard news, and interviews to feature writing. He began his career as stringer and freelancer for the San Francisco Examiner, worked as a reporter and editor for several suburban newspapers, was the entertainment editor for The Marin Independent Journal, a writer and editor for various magazines, and wrote for KTVU-TV in the San Francisco Bay Area. He toiled in a trade magazine mill, and created a website dedicated to sustainable construction industries (http://www.greenbuildingdigest.net). He was invited as a writer-in-residence at the art colony in Rancho Vista, Arizona, in 2014, where he wrote a slim volume of poetry and researched book ideas. He continues to expand his national readership with books, social media, his own blogs and website. He is the author of The Energy Wise Home and The Energy Wise Workplace, as well as Throwaway Nation.