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Market Neutral Investing (2004)

Market Neutral Investing

2004 | 272 Pages | ISBN: 0793194148 | PDF | 4 MB

It is the best investment strategy you’ve never heard of. The stock market still intrigues people, but shell-shocked individual investors have learned to be more savvy and realistic with their investments. There is no way to eliminate risk when stocks fluctuate, but risk can be reduced and even controlled. Geared to individual investors, Eric Stokes unravels the mysteries behind using market neutral investing principles, enabling readers to make money by using his proven low-risk, high-return balanced techniques. In addition to tips that cover beginning to intermediate investing topics, Stokes also presents the strategies behind market neutral investing in practical, easy-to-understand terms. Stocks go up and down, but investors shouldn’t have to limit themselves to only one-half of the equation. Enter market neutral investing, where investors can take advantage of movement in both directions: long and short investing. Market Neutral Investing teaches investors: * How to implement this proven strategy, used since the 1940’s by the most elite money managers. * What the three different types of portfolio risks are: company, sector, and market, and how to manage them. * How to sell a stock short and make money when a stock price declines. * What “”hedge funds”” are, how they operate, and what makes them attractive. * What the five simple measures of stock valuation are and how to use them.