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Cybersecurity Blue Team Toolkit (2019)

Cybersecurity Blue Team Toolkit

English | 2019 | ISBN-10: 1119552931 | 288 Pages | PDF | 15.74 MB

A practical cybersecurity handbook for both tech and non-tech professionals

There are plenty of books exploring the individual, highly technical components of cybersecurity. They offer specialized, narrowly focused training on a multitude of topics and technologies. But the resources available for end users and managers in need of clear, straightforward, and strategic guidance on the best practices and available tools of cybersecurity are surprisingly limited.

The Cybersecurity Blue Team Toolkit is an informative, accurate, and practical handbook that provides up-todate instruction for those in hands-on management and technical positions. This balanced, comprehensive guide helps readers navigate the various cybersecurity philosophies, frameworks, vendors, and compliances to arrive at optimal solutions to protect dynamic, multifaceted environments in real-world situations. Readers new to the industry or those seeking to expand their expertise will gain knowledge of fundamental networking and security tools, Microsoft Windows troubleshooting, network mapping, vulnerability management, web application security, patch configuration, and much more. Substantive yet easy-to-read chapters cover the practice and underlying theory of cybersecurity-from assessment, configuration, protection, and defense strategies, to remediation and offensive measures.

Author Nadean H. Tanner draws from her extensive experience in both academia and the Department of Defense to provide a unique perspective on cybersecurity tools and methods applicable to a wide spectrum of industries and sectors. An invaluable addition to the desk of anyone tasked with pinging an asset, running a tracert, or pinpointing the physical and logical addresses of an unresponsive web server, this book:

Satisfies a significant need for a practical, not overly technical guidebook for cybersecurity professionals
Presents clear and user#45;friendly explanations of cybersecurity in both theory and practice
Covers tools such as PuTTY, pathping, sysinternals?, NMAP?, OpenVAS, Metasploit?, and WireShark?
Includes instructions on virtual lab construction, exercises, and illustrations