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Download: Life 3.0 Protirement NOT Retirement

Download: Life 3.0 Protirement NOT Retirement

English | 4 Oct. 2017 | ISBN: 0995930627 | 260 Pages | AZW3 | 2.13 MB

In Life 3.0: Protirement NOT Retirement, Ellis invites you to explore Protirement through the eyes of 100 Baby Boomers and pre-Boomers, from all walks of life; men and women who’ve reached the next chapter of their lives and were left wondering, “What’s Next?” With incredible insight from prominent Baby Boomers, such as classical guitarist Liona Boyd, Apple CEO Gil Amelio, National Broadcaster Lloyd Robertson, Pennsylvania Governor and first Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, Author Anna Porter, and rock and roller Ronnie Hawkins , Ellis provides practical information gleaned from global studies, personal interviews, and his own life as a social worker, and retirement expert, to help fellow Baby Boomers transition from retirement into Protirement. Life 3.0 provides readers with advice and observations from Baby Boomers who’ve already begun the third chapter of their lives, enjoying and thriving in 17 different Protirement Activities, outlined on the Protirement Checkerboard, ranging from “Seniorpreneurs ” to “Travel Enthusiasts.” Using this advice, you can develop your own individualized Protirement Lifestyle Plans to help you live your Protirement to the fullest. Retirement is no longer a destination or end of the road for Boomers; it is an opportunity to transition to Protirement and find new meaning! “Ellis Katsof has read the literature and listened carefully to his 100 remarkable interviewees. The result: Life 3.0��an informative and thoroughly enjoyable read for anyone seeking a template for personal fulfillment in the second half of their adult lives.” Michael Adams, President of the Environics Institute



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