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Pro Grunt.js

Pro Grunt.js

2015 | ISBN: 1484200144 | English | 176 pages | PDF | 5 MB

Pro Grunt.js gets you quickly up-to-speed with this popular JavaScript-based task runner. Author James Cryer takes you from initial installation all the way through to authoring successful plugins.

Using hands-on examples you will learn about CSS linting, combination, compilation and minification; JavaScript linting, AMD modules, and templates; image processing and optimizing; and creating a local server. You will then move on to more advanced topics such as LiveReload, Test Automation, Modular configuration, and combining tasks. Finally you will see how to scaffold plugins using Grunt init and Yeoman, how to test them with Mocha and Chai, and how to publish them so others can use them.

Start using Grunt.js to improve your workflows by using Pro Grunt.js today.

What you’ll learn

How and when to use Grunt.js.
How to work with Grunt.js to optimize your CSS, JavaScript, and images.
How to perform more advanced operations with Grunt.js.
How to build, test, and publish your very own Grunt.js plugins.
Who this book is for

This book is for the reader who is familiar with the concepts of JavaScript frameworks and wants to implement Grunt.js into their workflow.