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The Encyclopedia of World Religions

The Encyclopedia of World Religions

The Encyclopedia of World Religions

Author:Gregory D. Alles, Robert S. Ellwood |Edition 2006 | ISBN: 9780816061419 | 528 Pages | PDF|10 MB

“The Encyclopedia of World Religions, Revised Edition” provides young adults with reliable, unbiased information on the world’s religions, from ancient times to the present day. In about 600 entries – with 115 new to this edition – this revised edition covers all the major and minor religions of the world, including the religions of the ancient world; the major religions practiced around the world today; religions of contemporary indigenous peoples; definitions of religious symbols and ideas; key leaders and thinkers; and terms and definitions. The new entries and photographs broaden the encyclopedia’s representation of current world events and the impact of those events on the world’s religions. The book also covers religious fundamentalism – especially within Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism – and documents the burgeoning new religious movements in Latin America, Africa, East Asia, and the United States. All major entries now come with suggestions for further reading. New entries include: Al-Qaeda; Apocrypha; Biblical prophets; Christianity fundamentalism; Christianity in Latin America, Asia, and Africa; Fundamentalism (general); Hamas; Hebrew scriptures; Hindu fundamentalism; Independent movements in Christianity; Islamic fundamentalism; Modern paganism; New Age Movement; New religious movements in Africa; New religious movements in Brazil; New Testament; Politics and religion; and, UFO religions (e.g., Heaven’s Gate).



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