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Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day

Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day

2010 | 144 Pages | ISBN: 1576857212 | PDF | 7.7 MB
In a world that is increasingly driven by words and text, knowing how to use grammar to communicate correctly and accurately becomes all the more important at school, in business, and in relationships. With the newly updated and revised Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day, writing and speaking without mistakes becomes much easier-and all it takes is four weeks of study for 20 minutes a day! Thorough and concise, Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day, covers all the essentials, including common and proper nouns; personal, reflexive, and demonstrative pronouns; regular and irregular verbs; adjectives, adverbs, misplaced modifiers, prepositions, subordinate and insubordinate clauses; coordinating and correlating conjunctions; compound sentences; and punctuation. Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day includes: A helpful pretest that pinpoints strengths and weaknesses so students know where to focus their time Hundreds of practice questions covering all vital grammar skills, from dealing with noun and verb agreement to knowing when to use a comma, colon, or semicolon Free additional grammar practice questions online A useful posttest that shows students’ progress BONUS! Glossary, additional resources, and tips for preparing for important standardized or certification tests Writing is an essential part of communicating thoughts effectively and it is impossible for thoughts to be taken seriously if their written format is riddled with errors. Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day presents learners with a step-by-step guide to help them recognize their errors and make improvements. This book can be used as a supplemental material to classroom items or it can be used to simply help a person brush up on already known skills. Among the many beneficial skills a student can learn through this book, the most important of those skills is building up the confidence to be proud of his/her written work while developing a distinct voice. The countless practice questions in this guide will only help a learner understand that the best way to acquire skills is to be consistent in one’s effort to learn the material and integrate practice into one’s daily schedule. With this type of determination coupled with an effective and compact guide, learners will gradually make improvements in their grammar and writing that will forever impact their presence in the communicative world.