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Download: Introduction to Psychology – Douglas S. Krull (2014)

Introduction to Psychology - Douglas S. Krull (2014)

Title: Introduction to Psychology
Author: Douglas S. Krull
Format: PDF
Hardcover: 650 pages
Publisher: Kona Publishing and media group (2014)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781935987420
Douglas Krull’s enthusiasm for the field comes through in this new introduction to psychology. The conversational style makes psychological science accessible while the engaging and occasionally humorous examples facilitate learning. Frequent encouragement to practice critical thinking emphasizes this as an important aspect of the field; a psychologist’s work requires not only the collection of research findings but also the ability to reason about the meaning of those findings. Additional features of the text include in-depth coverage of psychology’s major subfields, regular prompts that encourage review and reinforce learning, and an entire chapter devoted to the psychology of religion.