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Download: English For Social Interaction – Social Expressions

Betty Kirkpatrick “English For Social Interaction – Social Expressions”
Learners publishing | 2005 | ISBN: 9814107816 | 146 pages | PDF | 20.13 MB

The English for Social Interaction series is intended to help foreign learners acquire spoken English skills so that they can engage in fluent communication.

Social Expressions presents a series of 30 passages, dealing each with a situation that is commonly found in the course of everyday life. For example, the passage may be about shopping, or going out for a meal, visiting the doctor, and so on. The key expressions are explained, supported by example sentences and, where relevant, Language Help notes. Exercises with accompanying answers are also included for self-testing.

• 30 realistic and lively passages dealing with everyday situations
• Each passage containing expressions frequently found in everyday conversation
• Clear explanations of useful expressions, lots of example sentences and Language Help notes
• Exercises for self-testing with answer key



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