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Download : Making Your Data Center Energy Efficient

Making Your Data Center Energy Efficient

Making Your Data Center Energy Efficient

English | ISBN: 1439855536 | 2011 | PDF | 286 Pages | 4,4 MB

Detailing powerful methods for reducing the energy costs associated with operating a data center, Making Your Data Center Energy Efficient examines both

equipment and building facilities. It reviews the rationale for conserving energy and demonstrates how conservation and careful equipment selection can lead to significant improvements to your bottom line. For those not well-versed in financial or energy terms, the first two chapters provide a detailed discussion of the terms associated with different types of energy, as well as how to compute the return on investment for energy conservation efforts.

The text includes tables of monthly expenses associated with operating equipment that will help you convert problems into simple table lookup processes. Among the money-saving topics discussed, it considers:

How to minimize the energy consumption of a wide range of devices
A little-understood topic that can make a big impact on energy costs-general heating and cooling
Techniques required to effectively monitor different types of meters
Phantom energy usage and methods for minimizing its cost to your organization

Recognizing that most readers may not have direct control over the selection of a furnace or hot water heater, the book provides you with the ability to recognize the efficiencies and inefficiencies of various types of devices, so you can provide input into the decision-making process. From replacing lighting to consolidation and virtualization, it provides you with the well-rounded understanding needed to properly manage all aspects of the energy consumed in your data center.