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Download: Rate Your Endgame

Download: Rate Your Endgame

1992 | 256 Pages | ISBN: 1857441745 | PDF | 15 MB

This instructive book for competitive players, based on Edmar Mednis’ classic Practical Endgame Lessons, provides the reader with a wealth of useful instruction in endgame play, reinforced by a series of tests presented as simulations of tournament play. This book explains the fundamental principles of endgame play and deals with all standard types of endgame: pawn endings, bishop ending, rook endings, etc. It also contains more than 20 test ending to help develop your skills and uses many examples by the world’s leading endgame exponents: Smyslov, Karpov, Korchnoi, etc. Grandmaster Edmar Mednis is one of the world’s leading endgame experts. He is a regular contributor to Chess Life magazine and is author of How to be a Complete Tournament Player, From the Opening into the Endgame and From the Middlegame into the Endgame. International Master Colin Crouch is one of England’s most highly regarded analysts and writers.