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Studies on the Phonological Word

Studies on the Phonological Word

Author(s): T. Alan Hall, Ursula Kleinhenz (Eds.)

Series: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 174

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company, Year: 1999

ISBN: 9027236801,9789027236807

The present volume consists of nine articles dealing with the role of the constituent ‘phonological word’ (or ‘prosodic word’) in various typologically diverse languages. These languages and their respective families subsume Indo-European (Dutch, German, English, European Portuguese), Bantu (SiSwati, KiNande), Algonquian (Cree), Siouan (Dakota), and Salishan (Lushootseed). One contribution examines the phonological word in a sign language.
The theoretical issues dealt with in the book include: evidence for the phonological word (e.g. rules, phonotactics, syllabification, stress patterns), the connection between morphosyntactic and prosodic structure (e.g. alignment phenomena in Optimality Theory), and the relationship between the phonological word and other prosodic constituents (e.g. the prosodic representation of clitics).
The volume will be of interest to all linguists and advanced students of linguistics working on Prosodic Phonology, phonology-morphology and phonology-syntax interface and Optimality Theory.