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The Not So Ordinary Life: Daring to pursue your dreams (2022)

The Not So Ordinary Life: Daring to pursue your dreams

2022 | English | B0BNKNXRTH | EPUB | 113 pages | 0.3 MB

We all have dreams and goals we want to achieve at some point. The problem is finding the money, time, and energy to pursue those dreams and goals. This tension between our daily responsibilities and the ability to pursue our dreams makes us feel stuck.

In The Not So Ordinary Life, author F.J. Lam shares proven principles and next steps to help you move beyond your ordinary life and into the not-so-ordinary life of pursuing your dreams. As a life coach and pastor for over 15 years, F.J. has helped hundreds of people overcome the discouragement of their present realities or painful past experiences and aspire for more.

In this exciting and insightful book, you will find

Powerful principles you can apply to get unstuck and move from where you are to where you want to be in life
Current real-life stories of ordinary people daring to pursue their dreams, along with some of the struggles and victories on their journey
A unique and encouraging perspective from the author on pursuing dreams and goals as well as his own story as an ordinary person trying to live a not-so-ordinary life
Thousands of ordinary people like you dare to pursue their dreams despite their current obstacles. The principles in this book have helped those everyday people get unstuck and move beyond ordinary lives into not-so-ordinary ones. And they can help you, too.

Read this book to gain the confidence and courage you need to get up and live a not-so-ordinary life.