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A Foundation Course In English Grammar (2022)

A Foundation Course In English Grammar (2022)

English | 30 December 2022 | ASIN: B0BRDVKMYW | 191 pages| Azw3 Epub | 1.7 MB

A Foundation Course In English Grammar is essential tool for effective communication in one’s lifetime. This book met the four dimensional parts of a language thus
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This book is unique in the sense that it includes the fundamentals in English Grammar that are taken for granted in many texts about English Language. The preparation of this book recognized the problem facing students who using English as a second language would find this text very easy to understand the subject matter of English Grammar.
This book makes an easy reading for teachers, students and parents for understanding of grammar, vocabulary, structure, lexis, spelling and word building in English Grammar. The book explains these aspects with exercise to guide the ability of the readers. Take care to read all the Chapters thoroughly and follow the examples exactly to achieve perfect results.