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Making Sense of the Senses, 1st Edition (2022)

Making Sense of the Senses, 1st Edition (2022)

English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 9811246297 | 268 pages | True PDF EPUB | 18.69 MB

Kanye West has become one of the most controversial artists of the 21st century. His antics often result in the questioning of his sanity and has many people wondering whether he is a master of publicity, who simply knows how to keep his name in the news or if he really needs professional help. Despite that, if we study the man himself and remove emotional reactions from what he says or does, there are many things we can learn from Donda Wests’ son. Furthermore, if we take a deeper look into Kanye and his antics, we will see a bigger message as it relates to mental health and money. Making Sense of Kanye is a book designed to teach you how to obtain financial freedom, peace, love, and happiness and how to avoid (or cope with) societal pressures. Using Kanye Wests’ misunderstood wisdom, we explore how many of his thoughts coincide with spiritual law and how we can use these laws to live a well-balanced life regardless of economic status. There is no doubt that Mr. West is a musical genius that can sometimes say the wrong things at the wrong time but can we open our minds and allow him to teach us some important aspects of life? This book will show you how!