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Computing Essentials 2023, 29th Edition

Computing Essentials 2023, 29th Edition

English | 2023 | ISBN: ‎ 978-1259921278 | 417 pages | True PDF | 116.29 MB

The rate of change in the digital information age is clearly increasing, and computer literacy is becoming a prerequisite. The goal of the 29th edition of Computing Essentials is to provide students with an introductory understanding of the concepts necessary for success and to instill an appreciation for the effect of information technology on people, privacy, ethics, and our environment. Today’s students put much effort toward the things that are relevant to them, yet it is sometimes difficult to engage them in other equally important topics like personal privacy and technological advances. The text is available with Connect, McGraw Hill’s course management and adaptive learning system, helping millions of students reach their potential every year. The new 29th edition adds a focus on practical advice for efficient smartphone use, and every chapter’s Making IT Work for You, Privacy, Ethics, Environment and Look to the Future features have been revised or replaced.