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Fast Link To The English Grammar (2021)

Fast Link To The English Grammar

English | August 2021 | ASIN : B09C18SK2Y | 213 pages | PDF, AZW3, EPUB | 1.23 MB

The course will consist of five units dealing with the English Grammar. Each unit will include the study and the acquisition of specific grammar course to enhance, develop and increase the amount of information dealing with the various parts of the English Grammar such as verb tenses, modals, nouns, quantities, …etc.

“Fast Link to the English Grammar” is designed mainly to teach “Basic and advanced American Language Instructor Course” students the appropriate English Grammar to be qualified to teach general English classes at different levels of the ALC materials. It challenges instructor trainees to reach the highest levels of the English Grammar, overcome all the language difficulties as well as being capable of understanding, using and teaching grammar.

This material prepares instructor trainees for the complicated academic prose that are supposed to teach. It’s designed to teach grammar in two ways, inductively and deductively. In inductive learning, students draw their own conclusions about how the grammar of English operates by examining grammatical structures in the contexts of their real –world use. In deductive learning, students are given grammar rules and then asked to use those rules to read and write grammatical structures.

This material also provides an abundance of both controlled and communicative exercises so that students can bridge the gap between knowing grammatical structures and using them. This is done by following a unique three-step approach. The first step focuses on the presentation of structures in clear and accessible grammar charts and explanations. The second step focuses on practice of not only the form but also the meaning in numerous and varied controlled exercises. In the third and last step, students engage in communication practice, using the new structures freely and creatively in motivating open ended activities.