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Implementing Progressive Web Apps with React (2022)

Implementing Progressive Web Apps with React (2022)

English | 2022 | ISBN: NA | 98 Pages | PDF | 2.34 MB

Did you know that with PWAs you can create Web Apps that deliver a user experience similar to native apps? Did you know that with the React tooling most of the work to create them is almost done? I will explain how to create PWAs with the React tooling and describe what the generated code does in order you can safely iterate over it

In this book we are going to implement a Progressive Web App (PWA) using a step-by-step approach. This learning experience starts with an already crafted React application called Task List, created using the create-react-app tool with the cra-template-pwa template, which gives us a good starting point for building a progressive web app.

We will go into the details about how to make the web app installable and after that how to improve the user experience by adding offline support to the web app. To make the learning process smooth I will first add offline support for the read-only use cases of the application. After that, I will show how to provide full offline support by using the IndexedDB database and the Background Sync service. I will also explain how to update progressive web apps. How users get notified that there is a new release of the application waiting to be installed and how that actually happens.