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Material Balances for Chemical Reacting Systems (2022)

Material Balances for Chemical Reacting Systems (2022)

English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 978-1032255293 | 328 pages | True PDF | 19.25 MB

Written for use in the first course of a typical chemical engineering program, Material Balances for Chemical Reacting Systems introduces and teaches students a rigorous approach to solving the types of macroscopic balance problems they will encounter as chemical engineers. This first course is generally taken after students have completed their studies of calculus and vector analysis, and these subjects are employed throughout this text. Since courses on ordinary differential equations and linear algebra are often taken simultaneously with the first chemical engineering course, these subjects are introduced as needed.


  • Teaches readers the fundamental concepts associated with macroscopic balance analysis of multicomponent, reacting systems


  • Offers a novel and scientifically correct approach to handling chemical reactions


  • Includes an introductory approach to chemical kinetics


  • Features many worked out problems, beginning with those that can be solved by hand and ending with those that benefit from the use of computer software

This textbook is aimed at undergraduate chemical engineering students but can be used as a reference for graduate students and professional chemical engineers as well as readers from environmental engineering and bioengineering. The text features a solutions manual with detailed solutions for all problems, as well as PowerPoint lecture slides available to adopting professors.