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Discovering Philosophy, 4th Edition (2022)

Discovering Philosophy, 4th Edition (2022)

English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 978-0132302128 | 306 pages | True PDF EPUB | 5.81 MB

Discovering Philosophy is a comprehensive introduction to philosophy that is specially designed for readers who are more comfortable with secondary, rather than primary sources. Using more accessible content that is unintimidating yet intellectually engaging, it relates the philosophical issues to readers’ own experiences and challenges them to do philosophy on their own. Presents excerpts from primary sources when appropriate, but relies primarily on summaries, explanations, and discussions of the major arguments on the issues involved; teaches readers not so much about what philosophers think, but how to think philosophically themselves; demonstrates that after understanding a philosopher’s position we are supposed to react to it, not memorize it; explores the major, traditional areas and topics of philosophy – logic, free will/determinism, ethics, political obligation, the nature of reality, knowledge, the existence of God, the meaning of life.