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The Expert Teacher of English

The Expert Teacher of English

By: Andrew Goodwyn

The Expert Teacher of English is for all passionate teachers – both novice and expert – who aspire to become outstanding professionals. It considers what we mean by ‘expert’ and ‘expertise’, explores concepts that are vital to understanding what expertise in teaching is ‘for’, and discusses the characteristics of excellent teaching.

As increasing attention is being paid to the concept of the professional who can model excellent teaching and mentor and develop others, it provides a critical analysis of The Advanced Skills Teacher and the Excellent Teacher, as well as the Chartered Teacher in Scotland and the ‘highly accomplished teacher’ in the US. Ideas and issues considered include:

The nature of English as a school subject
What it means to be part of a profession
Curriculum design, lesson planning and assessment
Opportunities for technologies in the English classroom
Working collaboratively with colleagues, mentoring and observation
Continuing professional development and research
Drawing on the views, ideas and experiences of a group of skilful teachers, The Expert Teacher of English aims to stimulate personal and professional development, help you reflect on the concept of expertise, and support you as you develop as a highly accomplished teacher.