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Handbook of the Syllable

Handbook of the Syllable

by Charles E. Cairns, Eric Raimy

The Handbook of the Syllable approaches the study of the phonology and phonetics of the syllable with theoretical, empirical and methodological heterogeneity as its guiding principle. Since the mid-nineteenth century, scholars in the phonetic and phonological sciences have found it convenient to refer to the syllable, but definitions are scarce and none apply to all areas where the syllable is frequently invoked. The Handbook s seventeen chapters focus on empirical studies of the syllable by presenting both new data and new kinds of data. The work addresses the syllable in phonology, phonetics, experimental psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, diachronic linguistics, and orthography. It is a seminal reference book for researchers exploring any empirical area where the notion of ‘the syllable’ is invoked.”