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Travels Beyond Downton (2013)

English | 2013 | 136 Pages | ISBN: 149274624X | EPUB | 3.0 MB

Travels Beyond Downton is a guide to 25 great houses in Britain, with 25 compelling stories and 25 reasons to visit. The popular television series Downton Abbey is just the start. Britain is filled with historic houses, castles and palaces. Join us as we take you beyond Downton Abbey to dozens of the grandest, most romantic, quirkiest great houses in England and Wales. This travel guide includes nearly 70 color photographs and links to additional information. Travels Beyond Downton continues in our second book Beyond Downton Abbey (Volume 2): A Guide to Great Houses. The second book features the history and stories of another group of great houses in England and Wales. Travels Beyond Downton was originally published as Beyond Downton Abbey (Volume 1).