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Harappan Architecture and Civil Engineering (2008)

English | February 2, 2008 | ISBN: 8129111837 | 218 Pages | EPUB | 16 MB

For the first time ever, this book gives a full view of Harappan architecture and engineering. It begins with the history of the discovery of the Indus Civilisation, from Alexander Cunningham, through Marshall to Wheeler and recent excavators. It delineates the genesis and growth of urban architecture of the Harappans through the various discoveries from about 20 sites in the Indian subcontinent. It discusses the Harappan settlement pattern, it’s distribution in different ecological zones, and the regional variation in their architectural edifices.

The architectural genius of the Harappans has been elucidated by a thorough treatment of the various aspects of town planning, fortification, gateways, streets, lanes, houses, drainage system, bathing floors, platforms for houses. The outstanding buildings such as the Great Bath, the granaries at Mohenjodaro and Harappa and the ‘College Building’ at Mohenjodaro have been discussed in great detail.

The discovery of a Ziggurat type of structure with drains at Edith Shahr Complex and a sacrificial cairn with a skull at Damb-Sadaat, the apsidal fire structure at Banoulli, a temple at Mundigak and a sacrificial altar, 5 altars in a row at Kalibangan and a mound having only fire altars throw new light on the lesser known religious edifices of the Indus Civilization.