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Complete Offensive Line (2012)

English | 18 Oct. 2012 | ISBN: 073608651X | 200 Pages | PDF | 11.65 MB

Considered by many American Football coaches to be the greatest collegiate offensive line coach in the history of the game, Rick Trickett uses his 35-plus years of coaching experience to provide a unique resource for players and coaches of all offensive line positions. Complete Offensive Line is packed with detailed instructions and drills for mastering positional play as well as individual and team execution in the most popular systems of play. Beginning with a chapter covering the most important characteristics of offensive linemen, this book moves on to cover pass- and run-game fundamentals, including stances, footwork, hand positioning, pulling and cutbacks. It then builds towards more advanced techniques and schemes, making the book appropriate for the wide range of skills and experience seen at all levels of the game.Whether the offense is set to run or pass the ball, each player will be ready on every play, to properly execute their roles once the ball is snapped.