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The Ultra Mile: The Joy, Freedom, and Opportunities of Running (2021)

2021 | ISBN: 1098360931 | English | 140 Pages | EPUB | 3 MB

Using a creative writing approach to introduce running as joy, freedom, and opportunity, The Ultra Mile is a journey of seeking the transformation of what is impossible into the beginning of possibility. For experience levels ranging from the beginner, all the way to the ultramarathon runner, this book will alter your perception and offer new perspectives. The purpose of this book is to open your mind to our true capabilities and the psychological approach toward unlocking hidden strength.
The yearning to accomplish all goals and ambitions begins to provide meaning and purpose, especially when a deep desire within is the pursuit of passion. But what if that passion is to explore what lies beyond limitations, a journey of seeking endless possibilities?
Topics range from the freedom, form, and joy of running, to goal setting and preparing a mindset for training. Covering various training guidelines and principles in a casual tone, to the importance of muscle balance and injury prevention, the author articulates his knowledge of science and conveys his message in a sensible manner. Take an in-depth look at ‘why’ running distances of these magnitudes is psychologically appealing. The personal experiences of running the Keys 100, and a 116-mile race across Florida, brings to life the reality of pushing the mind and body to find its true potential.
Using a combination of philosophy, psychology, science, and personal experience, the author’s gift for creative writing describes the physical, mental, and emotional factors that coincide with the exploration of human endurance.